School Mobile Apps for Higher Education (New)

Connect Your Students With a Campus App

Empower students with the resources they need to thrive, right in the palm of their hand. A community college or university app is the ultimate hub for on-campus activities, or for keeping students unified while remote.

Join hundreds of colleges already using our mobile apps to reach thousands of students.

How long the average student spends on their mobile device
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Percentage of students who bring their phone to class every day.


Percentage of students who reported that a campus mobile app eased their transition to college.

How Can You Use a Mobile App on Your Campus?

SIS Integration

Allow students to access information about their classes and grades conviently within their college mobile app.

Campus News & Events

Aggregate info about on-campus events, including calendars, times, and registration information.

Student ID Cards & Directories

No more lost IDs, thanks to an in-app digital ID card. Plus, they can quickly search and find fellow students.

Clubs & Student Organizations

Help foster connections during the college experience by helping students access and manage their clubs & organizations.


Allow students and RAs to quickly communicate with one another directly within the campus app.


Provide students with an easily accessible list of important dates and upcoming events.


Send out timely communications and information to all or a subgroup of students.

Surveys & Polling

Build your own surveys and polls and get instant reactions from your students on key issues.

Resource Library

Curate and share important documents that students need in an easily accessible library within the app.

Campus Resource Offices

Key on-campus offices, like Financial Aid, Career Planning, Counseling and the Office of Student Diversity can have a presence on the app.


Your campus app can even tend to student's wellbeing and mental health. They can use the app to reach health professionals, share issues and more.

Activity Check In

Use the app to check people in at campus events. No need for a third-party scanner, plus, get complete student reporting on the backend.

We Make Life Easy for College Mobile App Administrators

We ensure that the university staff who will be responsible for managing the app never have a hard time navigating it. Adding and removing content is simple, intuitive and incredibly easy to learn.

MobileUp Mobile App Administrative dashboard

Why Work With MobileUp?

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Increase Student Participation

With Instagram and Snapchat holding hours of their attention per day, your college or university is missing out on a key avenue to reach and engage students when you don't have your own college mobile app. MobileUp campus mobile apps provide a the perfect hub for campus activites, help students build relationships with the school and one another, and provide them with the resources they need.

We Won't Break the School's Budget

Remember when building a university mobile app cost a lot? Those days are long done, thanks to MobileUp. We made sure our platform is cost-effective and budget friendly, while still delivering a unique and custom branded solution to your students.

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Start Improving Student Engagement Today

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