Leveraging Partnerships

Data drives strategy. Our 'openness' provides our clients integrations with various industry solutions to provide a greater and more engaging user experience.

MobileUp API

Utilizing the MobileUp open API, clients can securely push and pull data to the MobileUp platform (app) using the RESTful JSON endpoint.

Standard Tools

Standard import and export tools are available to all client administrators to synch data via industry standard csv files.  Clients can also automate this process by loading a csv file to MobileUp via the API.

Data Sync

MobileUp provides data integration services to many database (AMS, CRM, SIS, etc.) partners, synchronizing various data and attributes including membership, registration, etc.


MobileUp supports authentication to existing client systems via SAML and OAuth.  This provides the app user with consistent login process where they enter their credentials exactly as they would for any of their applications.  Alternatively, authentication can be set up as a 2-step email process, as well as integrating with existing client system authentication process.


Single Sign On (SSO) provides a key integration option whereby the MobileUp app login allows users to access content and other applications without needing to login again.  This option provides the user with a seamless experience across applications.

Application Integrations

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