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Meet the needs of your mobile audience anytime, anywhere.

Problem: Mobile is cost-prohibitive for many organizations.

Getting an app can be problematic for most organizations. If the lengthy development cycles and escalating costs don't deter them, integration with existing systems is often too complex or tools for managing the app are lacking. In the end, many settle for web-based mobile friendly solutions that fall short of the true native app experience.

Solution: MobileUp's platform makes mobile possible for anyone.

Our established mobile delivery platform gives organizations a head start on their mobile strategies. Our approach slashes development costs and time to market while delivering full featured and manageable native apps that meet the expectations users have when interacting with an organization on their smartphones.

Key Advantages of Our Platform

A native mobile-first user experience with significant reductions in development costs and time to market.
SaaS-model updates with automated app submissions. Simplified content creation and management.
Open API for integration with an AMS, SIS, database, or partner’s existing system.

Affordable custom apps and end-to-end mobile solutions. Attractive options for partners with escalating gross margins.


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